Meet Daniel

The Owner & Director

Born and Raised in the most amazing country in the world - Australia!!

Lived in Sydney for most of his life, but was born in sunny Brisbane Town.

Educated at Killara High School where he discovered his love and passion for the Hospitality Industry. The School  gave him the opportunity to excel in the Hospitality Field. They allowed him to do part of his studies at Ryde TAFE. He continued his training and acquired a number of subjects relating to Food & the Hospitality field, which  afforded him the opportunity to learn the culinary art in food and develop other technical skills needed to be successful in the industry.

Over the last 17 years he has worked in a number of Hospitality positions; from McDonalds to Pizza Hut Call Centre  and then directly into the industry where he has worked in various roles of that being a  Cook, Waiter, Barista, Bar Attendant, Mixologist and Wine Connoisseur (Sommelier).

Employed at various hospitality  venues, allowed him to develop his skills and further his knowledge. 

Daniel has an amazing knowledge of wines and as a skilled barman has developed his own exotic cocktails. Daniel matches his wines to the various recipes of food that he has created and developed.

Some of the locations at which  Daniel has worked  are:


 The Road to Goa Indian Restaurant @ St Ives 

 Garfish Kirribilli 

 Sails Restaurant on Lavender Bay.

 Flynn’s Food & Wine.

 Shangri-La Hotel & Resorts 

He can't wait to meet all of you and share in his hospitality

His greatest desire has now been achieved, to open and run his own restaurant, share with others his passion and enthusiasm while treating them with his hospitality and friendship. He loves watching others indulge in his creations of food and drink.

See you soon!

Please email Daniel from the contact page for any assistance with your dinning requirements.