Welcome - Please Read

These house rules have been created to ensure the safety of our customers and staff at all times  

To maintain A Safe Environment, Pleasant and Enjoyable Atmosphere.

We are not a BYO  Establishment.

We welcome our cliental to bring a celebration cake if you wish or we can order for you .

In the case of bringing your own cake we do charge  a fee for plating and service.

Right of Admission is Reserved.

24 hour CCTV recordings are in operation throughout the premises.

We maintain an Incident Register where any breaches of the Law or our House Rules will be entered and can be made available to the Authorities.

We follow the Law without exception and expect our staff and patrons to do the same.         (http://www.liquorandgaming.nsw.gov.au )

All patrons must observe Health and Safety requirements as requested. Failure to observe can result in you and your group being ask to pay your bill and immediately leave the premises.

Any Physical or Verbal abuse of any nature towards staff or other customers will not be tolerated. If this occurs you will be asked settle your bill and immediately you and your group will be required to leave the premises and if necessary the police or any authorities we deem necessary to call.

All patrons are to produce an Australian accepted ID – showing their Photo and Date of Birth – before any alcohol will be served to them.

All persons under 18 years will under no circumstances be served any form of Alcohol. If any persons in the group provides that person with alcohol, the whole group will be immediately required to settle their bill and asked to leave the premises.

No Alcohol will be served unless Food is consumed.

Only food and drink purchased from “Knife – Fork - Bottle & Cork “

may be consumed on the premises.

Please advise our staff of any dietary requirements.

We have a “Zero Tolerance Policy” any form of intoxication or under the influence of a substance or demonstrating  sociably unacceptable behaviour – Patrons and their party will be asked to immediately settle their bill and leave the premises.

Our staff are instructed not to serve any persons who they believe to be intoxicated or serve anybody believed to be purchasing drinks for an intoxicated person or underage or with no formal ID on them.

We operate a ZERO Tolerance policy concerning the providing /selling and/or consumption of drugs on our premises. Any activity will be reported immediately to the police for action. 

(Dial 000)

Minor Children are required to be accompanied by a mature adult at all times, they are not permitted to wander around the restaurant facilities and should be accompanied by an adult should they require use of the rest rooms. The responsible adult needs to ensure that the child is well behaved and does not disturb other patrons. Failure to comply will result in the group being asked to settle their bill and leave the premises immediately.

No pets are permitted in the premises – except for Patrons with Guide Dogs.

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Restaurant, Bar Areas and Balcony. Entrance or exit to the premises are also prohibited areas. Please note this includes electronic cigarettes. Smokers are required to be more than 4 meters from where any food is consumed and the designated areas.

Bookings will be held open for only 15 minutes from booking time unless we are notified.

With bookings of 6 or more we may request a credit card authorisation, to charge a minimum of $50 per head if failure to arrive occurs.

Any change of your bill and service needs to be checked immediately before settling your bill and leaving the premises, as mistakes cannot be rectified after you have left the bar/restaurant.

We require all patrons to wear appropriate clothing and secure foot wear.

We hope you have had a pleasant and enjoyable visit to

“Knife – Fork – Bottle & Cork”.

Looking forward to you returning soon to enjoy our hospitality.